Day 38: Stupid van :p


Today has been one of those days. Thank goodness for husbands with flexible schedules. Hopefully this its not going to cost too much money. Sigh


One thought on “Day 38: Stupid van :p

  1. Thank God for husbands! Things like this can just throw off a person’s entire day. I read a book once though where a man was having issues with his car and he ended up having to take the bus to work for a week or so. He was angry, and didn’t understand why his life felt like it was falling apart. But as the week went on her realized God was putting people in place around him to help him get control of his life again, and had the car not broke down that he would not have met these people. I love that book, it’s a great reminder to always look for the blessings even in the bad things of the day because they are always lurking there waiting for you to see them.

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