Weekly weigh-in

So it’s that time of the week again. I’ve had two victories this week – fitting into not one, but two pairs of size 14 shorts and finally getting below the 200lb mark. Which is fantastic. I also brought Leslie Sansone’s Four Fast Miles work out, amd when I complete that today, it will make day 5 of her 10 day challenge. So far I’ve managed to do it all high impact, and have now started combining that with the total body workout by Tony Horton, I am seeing a few changes!

Now onto the important stuff!

Start weight: 204lbs 8oz
Current weight: 198lbs
Total weight loss: 6lbs 8oz

Chest: 37.25 inches -.75
Left arm: 13.25 inches no change
Right arm: 13.25 inches no change
Waist: 34.5 inches -2.75
Hips: 42 inches -1
Right thigh: 22.5 inches -1
Left thigh: 22.5 inches -.5

Total inches lost: 6 inches

All in all I think I am making good progress!


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