Day 150: A talent for growing…

We have been setting up our summer garden (beans, cucumber, zucchini and melons). We are having a few issues, as is usual here in FL… it’s too hot and it has been raining up a storm here for almost a week 😛 Anyways, we have some holes in our pool enclosure, and for the last two years we’ve had a couple of native birds come in a nest in one of the shelving units outside. Hubby decided to give them some of my chia seeds to eat (sigh). Anyways, the mother of all storms hit, and the paper plate they were sitting on got turned over and the seeds went EVERYWHERE. It was raining so much, that I assumed that they had been washed away. I went out today to get some basil to make pesto and found these growing in a large clump on the out door carpetting. Lol. Aren’t they pretty!?!


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