50 Book Challenge in 2012

50 books in 52 weeks in 2012

Rules: I have 52 weeks to read the books below.  For the benefit of my sanity a book will be defined as short stories, novellas, and novels and will usually be an ebook. Omnibus editions will usually be listed by their seperate novel title. For example: David Edding’s Elenium, will be under each seperate title: The Diamond Throne, The Ruby Knight and The Sapphine Throne. But the first book I am reading, sine the stories are so short, I am just counting it as one novel. Clear? Clear.

Key: Italics – In progress. Bolded – Completed.


    • Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1 – Laurann Dohner, Mel Teshco, Desiree Holt, Eliza Knight, Kathy Kulig, Jaid Black
    • Devil May Cry  – Sherrilyn Kenyon
    • Dream Chaser – Sherrilyn Kenyon
    • The Hunger Games  – Suzanne Collins
    • The Ninth Wife – Amy Stolls
    • Matched – Ally Condie
    • Crossed – Ally Condie
    • It Takes a Witch – Heather Blake
    • Wife by Wednesday – Catherine Bybee
    • A Modern Witch – Debora Geary
    • A Hidden Witch – Debora Geary
    • Ascension – Lauren Dane


    • Cherished Destinies – Anny Cook
    • Blue Paradise – Anny Cook
    • Love Never-Ending – Anny Cook
    • Traveller’s Refuge – Anny Cook
    • Everything Lovers Can Know – Anny Cook
    • Matchmakers 2.0 – Debora Geary
    • A Reckless Witch – Debora Geary
    • To Love A Witch – Debora Geary
    • Witches Under Way – Debora Geary
    • Witches On Parole – Debora Geary
    • True of Blood – Bonnie Lamer
    • Blood Prophecy – Bonnie Lamer
    • Blood Lines – Bonnie Lamer
    • Shadow Blood – Bonnie Lamer
    • Blood of Half Gods – Bonnie Lamer
    • Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft – Mindy Klasky


  • Sorcery and the Single Girl – Mindy Klasky
  • Magic and the Modern Girl – Mindy Klasky
  • Bound to Remember – Lola James
  • Me and my Ghoulfriends – Rose Pressey
  • Ghouls Night Out – Rose Pressey
  • True of Blood: Kallen’s Tale – Bonnie Lamer

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