About This Blog

I am determined that in 2012 I will do things a little differently. I will manage to complete a set of realistic (hopefully) New Years resolutions and this blog is going to be part of that. The main part of the blog is about the daily photograph I am going to take and post on that day… none of this take a photo one day and post it a week or a month later because I’ve been too busy (or lazy) to do it otherwise. I live in the modern era and I have more than enough digital gadgets in my life to make sure that that happens. So the image will be taken using my camera, or via the camera on my cellphone, or the camera on my galaxy tablet or maybe even the webcam on my computer.

Along with this challenge for 2012, I am also going to be doing the 50 books in 52 weeks challenge… I’ll be making a completely different page for that one.

So in a nutshell, what challenges have I set for myself?

  • Project 365 – 1 picture a day for 365 days. Starting January 1st 2012. Ending January 1st 2013
  • 50 books in 52 weeks – my profile on goodreads is here
  • To begin belly dancing classes
  • To plan and participate in this coming November’s Nanowrimo… because I have hours of free time on my hands. No really o.O…. /sarcasm
  • To get #4 daughter out of diapers and maybe even #5… that would be awesome.
  • To start and keep a food diary on Myfitnesspal – I am approximately 40lbs away from my goal weight… I want to see if I can do it in a healthy way in 2012.
  • Take my vitamins and calcium everyday without fail.
  • To do some form of exersize three days a week, not counting housework
  • To complete some kind of craft project a month
  • Completely re-do the girl’s bedroom.
  • Get my tattoo finished – something to signify DD #5
  • Try two new recipes every two weeks
  • To blog twice a week – my regular blog is here
  • Get a housework schedule and stick to it!
  • Finally… Keep up with Mt Laundry… no really. It’s going to eat me.

This blog is here to detail it all… from beginning to end and all that’s inbetween. Bring on 2012!!


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