Day 194: Sammy’s Jams

Today was a big day for DD#1 and Hubby! They went to the Hernando Farmer’s Market for the first time and officially launched Sammy’s Jams. They did so well, and have a total of 12 flavours 🙂 Including a fantastic sweet and sour pepper jam – it tastes fantastic on hot dogs 🙂 Just my opinion 🙂


Day 186: Kid of the Day

As summer progresses, I am already scrapping the barrel at how much I can take from my children sometimes. The whining makes my ears bleed. True fact – well, maybe not. As I was wandering around Pinterest I caught a post on Kid Of The Day. I read the post. I decided to give this a try! Basically, it’s supposed to help cut out the whining, whinging and general carryings on. Kid of the day gets to sit in the front seat – well, the people who are legally old enough are allowed to I should say. But in all other things – KOTD gets to help with dinner prep, not change diapers, choose snack, choose the TV show to watch, play with a coveted toy first. So on and so forth.  They love it already!


Day 181: 9 different flavors baby!


For now, we are done. We still have to finish the labels, but Sammy’s Jams should be at the farmers market in two weeks. So proud of my hubby and DD#1. They’ve worked hard! 116 jars of fruit jelly – not counting the sample jars. Rock on!

Day 72: Plant growing project: day 1


I have been pinning a lot of things on pinterest of late… Mostly it’s food things that I really shouldn’t be eating, but others are little projects like this that I can do with my girls. We are growing a sweet potato slip. I will document it on a weekly basis to watch it grow!

Day 32: Off and running


In step with my get healthy kick, I finally got the jogging stroller I wanted, so I can be free to jog when ever the mood strikes. It’s something I really miss, and I can’t wait to get out on the Nature Coast Trail tomorrow, have a run, then come home for some yoga and a shower.

This is not the most flattering picture, but its the best my way shorter than me five year old could do.

Next time I have to remember to wear my running shoes… Jogging in flip flops was not bright.

Getting my fitness on…

Yesterday I posted a picture of a phrase on the outside of the box I received my new exercise Dvds in. I decided that February 1St is a good day to commit to the healthier lifestyle I said was part of my new years resolutions. What Dvd did I get? Tom Horton’s 10 minute Trainer.  And it kicked my patootie!

In order to have some accountability, I am going to post every Wednesday with an update on the weight I’ve lost and the inches that come off. So with that in mind:

Current weight: 204.8
Chest: 38 inches
Right arm: 14 inches
Left arm: 13.75 inches
Waist: 37.5 inches
Hips: 43 inches
Right thigh: 24 inches
Left thigh: 23 inches

I wont be following the diet plan he offered… Its too expensive… And I have five children and no desire to make two different founders etc. So I an going to east healthy, cut out fast food and yes, even chocolate.

Day 3: Get organised… So I don’t go insane.


Here is something very few people know: I love lists. Lists make me happy. Here is something a lot of people know: I am one of the least organised people you are likely to meet, and since I am supposed to be responsible and organise myself AND 5 small people and keep my house clean some how, I need to get a daily list and stick to it. I found this awesome list on thanks to a recommendation from a friend on facebook. It’s just too bad they aren’t going to be doing an app for android phones any time soon. But I digress. One of my New Years resolutions is to be more organised with my house work and to get on a schedule. So here is my attempt!

As a side note… I can now go and check off update 365 😉

Challenging myself and it’s not about eating chocolate

2012… The year I will turn… older 😛 I want to make this year mean something. I want to make some life changed and actually do something beyond the normal desires to eat less, or exercise more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing that too, but I want to do some bigger things that represented more of a challenge to me. This blog is about my quest to complete them.

Whilst I have quite a list of resolutions, two are going to be huge for me. One more than the other.

First: I am going to attempt a project 365. This is where I post a picture a day for 365 days. About anything. I will start of January 1st 2012 and end on January 1st 2013. The pictures will be about anything of my choosing and posted either via my computer, my tablet or my cellphone. The picture in question must have been taken that day and I have between 12am and 12am to get it posted. No excuses… in this day and age, I should even be able to post a picture through some means. I am no going to promise that they’ll be completely awesome, but I’ll try.

Second: 50 books in 52 weeks. Hopefully not too much of a challenge as I am an avid reader. For the purposes of this challenge I am counting anything over 125 pages as book and omnibus editions will be counted individually. For example: The Elenium by David Eddings will count as three different books rather than one.  Easy? Hopefully!

So stay tuned… this blog is to hold myself accountable and hopefully help me succeed in 2012.