Day 207: Blast from the past

One of the first things I ever “cooked” was green cream mints, and when I saw them online this morning, I just had to revisit them.  They were awesome and transported me right back to my Mum’s kitchen. Fantastic!


Day 204: Happy Birthday Baby!

As of today I have been a parent for an entire decade. Wow. She has changed so much… she is loving, determined and intelligent… also stubborn, dramatic and has a wide diva streak. I can’t believe this willful, wonderful creature has been in my life for so long. Happy 10th birthday Sweetheart.

Day 194: Sammy’s Jams

Today was a big day for DD#1 and Hubby! They went to the Hernando Farmer’s Market for the first time and officially launched Sammy’s Jams. They did so well, and have a total of 12 flavours 🙂 Including a fantastic sweet and sour pepper jam – it tastes fantastic on hot dogs 🙂 Just my opinion 🙂

Day 181: 9 different flavors baby!


For now, we are done. We still have to finish the labels, but Sammy’s Jams should be at the farmers market in two weeks. So proud of my hubby and DD#1. They’ve worked hard! 116 jars of fruit jelly – not counting the sample jars. Rock on!

Day 166: Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day everyone! We had a quiet, yet fun day in my opinion. Here is my hubby with all of his girls. As you’ve seen in previous days we hand made his gifts this year. He ended up with salt dough handprints, a set of pictures spelling out the word Daddy and a t-shirt we decorated by drawing on fine grade sand paper with crayon and then ironing onto the shirt. It was a generally awesome day.

Day 163: Getting Ready….

I LOVE this! I am getting these framed and along with painted salt dough hand prints, this is what my Hubby is getting for Father’s Day this coming weekend. I think I’ll help DD#1 make him some canolli tarts and maybe lasagne. Anyways, I am loving how these pictures turned out! Tomorrow… hand print painting and father’s day card making. Woot!

Day 151: Graduation time… again!

DD#3 graduated from the state run voluntary pre-k program today. The ceremony itself was diabolical… that’s the only way to explain it. But, she was so sweet and she is so excited to be starting Kindergarten in the fall. According to the piece of paper she wrote, she wants to be a doctor, live in a house in Florida, get married and have 6 children. Quite ambitious there my lovely!! 🙂