Day 203: Family Binder

I have been working on this binder for the past week. Scouring the internet for useful printables and making my own when I couldn’t find what I needed. So far it’s been fantastic and so very useful! I’ll be posting more about it on my pinterest blog this weekend!


Day 194: Sammy’s Jams

Today was a big day for DD#1 and Hubby! They went to the Hernando Farmer’s Market for the first time and officially launched Sammy’s Jams. They did so well, and have a total of 12 flavours 🙂 Including a fantastic sweet and sour pepper jam – it tastes fantastic on hot dogs 🙂 Just my opinion 🙂

Day 186: Kid of the Day

As summer progresses, I am already scrapping the barrel at how much I can take from my children sometimes. The whining makes my ears bleed. True fact – well, maybe not. As I was wandering around Pinterest I caught a post on Kid Of The Day. I read the post. I decided to give this a try! Basically, it’s supposed to help cut out the whining, whinging and general carryings on. Kid of the day gets to sit in the front seat – well, the people who are legally old enough are allowed to I should say. But in all other things – KOTD gets to help with dinner prep, not change diapers, choose snack, choose the TV show to watch, play with a coveted toy first. So on and so forth.  They love it already!


Day 181: 9 different flavors baby!


For now, we are done. We still have to finish the labels, but Sammy’s Jams should be at the farmers market in two weeks. So proud of my hubby and DD#1. They’ve worked hard! 116 jars of fruit jelly – not counting the sample jars. Rock on!

Day 180: Circles, circles everywhere..


I’ve been making circles for days now. Why? Well, Hubby and DD#1 are making jar after jar of jam/preserves. Why? To sell at the farmers market in a couple of weeks! So far they have made strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, mango, pineapple, blackberry, triple berry (strawberry, blackberry and raspberry) and finally hot pepper – it has habaneros in it!

Day 179: We have babies!


A couple of weeks ago, shortly after DD#5’s birthday, I noticed that our little bird neighbours had returned. We left out some strings and fluff for them and were so thrilled when they used it to make their new nest! Well, today I decided to check up on them and discovered that we had babies! They are so sweet. I snapped this pic real quick because their parents were having a HUGE hissy fit that I was near their nest. So sweet 😀

Day 178: After the rains, come the ‘shrooms…

According to DD#4 these are fairy houses! And she is completely thrilled that we have fairies living in our front yard now. LOL. Personally I think it is amazing that they come and go so quickly! The cool thing about DD#4, is that when she listens, she listens well. She was stoked about the mushrooms themselves, but spent the next 20 minutes telling me “No eat Mama. Make you sick!” Over… and over… and over. Did I mention over and over and over? Threenagers = chronic palilalia! I am grateful she listened to us however 😉