Day 201: Birthday party

Today my eldest celebrated her 10th birthday with a few friends. They had a great time swimming in the pool, painting on canvas bags and generally being children. I made this super easy cake for her and I have to say it was a hit!


Day 187: Fruit Pizza

All I can say is NOM. Nuff said really. Lol. You should try it. You really won’t regret it. I don’t even regret the inches it added to my hips.

Day 185: Mini German Pancakes

Well… I decided to try something new today for breakfast. So Mini German Pancakes it was. These were easy to make, but I do have to say, I would class this as my second Pinterest failure. The first? Something nutella. Lol.

Anyways, they cooked up really well! I got 12 out of the batch and they rose spectacularly!! I was so excited! But, before I could get a picture, they deflated into what you see above.  *sigh* I don’t like failure. So guess what we are eating for breakfast tomorrow? With a lot less in each cupcake pan. They were decidedly stodgy! At leas the quick strawberry sauce I made tasted awesome!! 🙂

Day 138: Owl Cake!

DD#5’s official birthday cake. It turned out so well!! The cupcakes were vanilla, with oreo truffles baked inside 🙂 It was just all round awesome! What a fantastic day!

Day 130: Rainbow frosting


I saw this on Pinterest and I just had to try it. Going so far to decide to make cupcakes JUST to try out rainbow swirl frosting. LOL. I liked the way it worked and it’s definitely useful for a wide range of yearly celebrations. I do, however, need to make sure I make the butter cream cooler before piping… lol. It was way to melty and warm for it to look nice. At least I learnt it is actually possible!!

Day 123: Caught purple handed…


Did you know that food dye stains? I am probably really the black washed out for the most part. Hubby and I started making pinata cookies today… They looked like so much fun! Pictures of those tomorrow when they are completed. Hope the dye wears off sooner rather than later!