Day 205: Homemade laundry detergent

For the last little while, I have been trying different laundry detergents, mostly because it turns out the DD#5 is allergic to some ingredient in it, it breaks  they break her out in a rash. I’ve tried soapnuts with great success, but they are a little spendy in large amount, and with the amount of laundry I do on a weekly basis, it makes more sense to make my own. So… break out pinterest! I tried a couple of liquid homemade ones, but I couldn’t get it right. Then I saw this one… concentrated laundry detergent, it’s a lot like whipped buttercream. It works fantastically too! I am super impressed. I made about 9 months of detergent in the end, for about $16! Awesome!



Day 200: Schedule baby!

In an effort to make our lives easier, we are working on making a schedule – so far it’s been semi successful…. insofar that we have breakfast at 7am. But hey, we are working on it. On August 1st we are going to start working the school year schedule so everyone is used to it before school goes back on August 20th. Next to the schedule we have our chore charts. Each lists what chore each child has to do, and they get one ticket per chore. Each ticket is worth .25c that they can use to save towards a trip to the dollar store. There is also a reward card in the baggie – each chore the child does without complaining, they get one hole punched. Once they fill the nine square with holes, they’ve earned their happy meal for the next week.

Day 185: Mini German Pancakes

Well… I decided to try something new today for breakfast. So Mini German Pancakes it was. These were easy to make, but I do have to say, I would class this as my second Pinterest failure. The first? Something nutella. Lol.

Anyways, they cooked up really well! I got 12 out of the batch and they rose spectacularly!! I was so excited! But, before I could get a picture, they deflated into what you see above.  *sigh* I don’t like failure. So guess what we are eating for breakfast tomorrow? With a lot less in each cupcake pan. They were decidedly stodgy! At leas the quick strawberry sauce I made tasted awesome!! 🙂

Day 167: Homemade tent

I’ve been toying around with the idea of making this tent for a while. I decided to go ahead and make it this weekend, with the help of my hubby. I finally got to use some of the material I had, stuff that I was looking at and was scratching my head, and my kids got something that will last them a while I think. I added on elastic to the top struts and ties on the side, unlike the original poster, but I think it still looks cute!!  Not to make and finish a blanket for them and there will be picnics outside… in the shade 😉


Day 165: Hey Mum! I’m an artiste!

Everyone around here got into the spirit of Father’s Day… even the baby. This was her first, on purpose, painting experience and I have to say, aside from eating a little bit of the glitter paint, she did really well! I love how she posed for this picture… little ham!!

Day 163: Getting Ready….

I LOVE this! I am getting these framed and along with painted salt dough hand prints, this is what my Hubby is getting for Father’s Day this coming weekend. I think I’ll help DD#1 make him some canolli tarts and maybe lasagne. Anyways, I am loving how these pictures turned out! Tomorrow… hand print painting and father’s day card making. Woot!

Day 159: First baking experience

Today I let DD#1 have her first solo baking experience. She chose to make Nutella cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream as her first item. The cupcakes turned out really well, and I was super impressed with her frosting skills!

Day 155: Grown up grilled cheese

Mmmmm… this was one of the best sandwiches I have ever made. No joke. I used inspiration from Pinterest (of course). It was a grilled salmon sandwich with avocado pesto and mozzerella. I changed it a little by using smoked salmon instead, but both ways would be fantastic.

Day 145: Created my own pattern!!

Today I created something of my very own. It’s a start for my little sewing business!  In all honesty, I based my pattern off the Snap Wrap dress, but I changed the way the bottom of the bodice was and added ties. I feel that it makes it a little more stable and lets the skirt be free flowing. I am going to write more about it on my pinterest blog: Diary of a Pinterest Addict.