Day 198: Because that’s where I’d keep my La La Loopsy!

Opened the fridge this afternoon to get out some raspberries for DD#5’s snack and discovered two things – 1. The raspberries had all mysteriously disappeared and 2. The culprit was DD#4. How to I know? She has a habit of leaving behind any toy she happened to be holding when she got into the fridge to pilfer whatever her current favourite food item might be. Loopsy is currently sitting right where the raspberries where… *sigh*


Day 197: First trip to the dentist!

DD#5 went to see the dentist today and I must say she did awesomely. She was curious about everything and had to touch ALL the things. She didn’t much like the fluoride application on her 5 teeth, but went with the flow and scored herself a neat little tooth brush and a little plush animal 🙂

Day 195: Exterminate… exterminate…

When I saw this today, my first thought went to my friend Ace and her great love of anything Dr. Who. So it is for her that I share this picture today. I usually hate family stickers like these – mostly for paranoid possibly child and family endangerment issues – but these are cute. Not that I’d put them on my car – see the paranoid reasons. But still… Little Darlek’s rule!

Day 194: Sammy’s Jams

Today was a big day for DD#1 and Hubby! They went to the Hernando Farmer’s Market for the first time and officially launched Sammy’s Jams. They did so well, and have a total of 12 flavours 🙂 Including a fantastic sweet and sour pepper jam – it tastes fantastic on hot dogs 🙂 Just my opinion 🙂