Day 204: Happy Birthday Baby!

As of today I have been a parent for an entire decade. Wow. She has changed so much… she is loving, determined and intelligent… also stubborn, dramatic and has a wide diva streak. I can’t believe this willful, wonderful creature has been in my life for so long. Happy 10th birthday Sweetheart.


Day 125: Birthday preparations


I finished the first thing for DD#5’s 1st birthday today. We are doing an owl theme! I found the patternk¬† for this online. If you are interested in a mini tutorial in putting them together check out the longer post on my pinterest craft journal: Scrapbook Paper Owl Garland

Day 119: Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

I started working on my ideas for DD#5’s 1st birthday in a couple of weeks… I am making a tie dye onesie, with an owl and a rainbow tutu. You can check out my pinterest journal detailing the entire craft here! Diary of a Pinterest Addict: Sharpie Pen Tie Dyed T-shirts