Day 193: Exciting movie :P

My girls were excited to see Ice Age: Continental Drift… So excited that they fell asleep withing 20 minutes of the movie starting. LOL. They didn’t move until the movie was over.


Day 192: Blackberry picking

Today Hubby and our girls went black berry picking! They did really well, and actually put more berries in the bucket than in their tummy 😉 That night they made some of the most awesome blackberry triple berry jam 🙂

Day 167: Homemade tent

I’ve been toying around with the idea of making this tent for a while. I decided to go ahead and make it this weekend, with the help of my hubby. I finally got to use some of the material I had, stuff that I was looking at and was scratching my head, and my kids got something that will last them a while I think. I added on elastic to the top struts and ties on the side, unlike the original poster, but I think it still looks cute!!  Not to make and finish a blanket for them and there will be picnics outside… in the shade 😉


Day 120: I’m bored jar


Yet another pinterest idea… I how it works for us… There are lots of fun things to do. Have to pick up a frisbee or two, some more bubbles and we are good to go! There are some not so fun things in there too: do a chore, do a siblings chore, organize your toys, write your journal (well that one is fun!), you get the idea!

Day 119: Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

I started working on my ideas for DD#5’s 1st birthday in a couple of weeks… I am making a tie dye onesie, with an owl and a rainbow tutu. You can check out my pinterest journal detailing the entire craft here! Diary of a Pinterest Addict: Sharpie Pen Tie Dyed T-shirts

Day 77: Calling Dr. Suess…


We found your cookies, but I’m afraid we’ve eaten them all, so you can’t have them back…

These cookies were a lot of fun to do! The kids mixed all the colors into the dough and then worked together to make the dough snakes and to twist them into circles.

Fantastic idea for a rainbow birthday party me thinks!