Day 208: Caterpillar friend


DD#2 rescued this fellow from the pool this afternoon. It looks like he is starting to pupate!


Day 204: Happy Birthday Baby!

As of today I have been a parent for an entire decade. Wow. She has changed so much… she is loving, determined and intelligent… also stubborn, dramatic and has a wide diva streak. I can’t believe this willful, wonderful creature has been in my life for so long. Happy 10th birthday Sweetheart.

Day 188: First hair cut…


Today I had to take DD#4 to get her first hair cut. It was a hard day. I was scared because I thought they would have to cut too much because of a huge rat’s nest she had made in the back of her head. I was so worried about them cutting her hair and her ringlets would go away. Thank goodness that didn’t happen! They cut off close to three inches and you couldn’t tell! We got a certificate and cute little bag to hold the first clippings shown above.

Day 175: I have the pretties toes in the east…

DD#1 and my hubby discovered finger nail paint pens at our local Sam’s Club this past weekend. DD#1, knowing that I felt like dog do-do due to my turn with the stomach bug my children are passing around, decided to paint my toes. I firmly believe I now have the most beautifully painted toes this side of Florida and I know that there are no other toes, painted like these, in the entire world. I am a spoilt, though still horribly ill, Mama.

Day 173: Get out of that! I dare you!!

DD#5 is my resident escape artist. There is not a shopping cart seat or high chair strap she has not been able to escape from – this has made life frustrating… When I was at Target, just wandering around as you do, I saw this. I immediately brought it. It worked! Ha! We’ll see how long it lasts for, but I am faintly optimistic!

Day 159: First baking experience

Today I let DD#1 have her first solo baking experience. She chose to make Nutella cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream as her first item. The cupcakes turned out really well, and I was super impressed with her frosting skills!