Day 200: Schedule baby!

In an effort to make our lives easier, we are working on making a schedule – so far it’s been semi successful…. insofar that we have breakfast at 7am. But hey, we are working on it. On August 1st we are going to start working the school year schedule so everyone is used to it before school goes back on August 20th. Next to the schedule we have our chore charts. Each lists what chore each child has to do, and they get one ticket per chore. Each ticket is worth .25c that they can use to save towards a trip to the dollar store. There is also a reward card in the baggie – each chore the child does without complaining, they get one hole punched. Once they fill the nine square with holes, they’ve earned their happy meal for the next week.


Day 198: Because that’s where I’d keep my La La Loopsy!

Opened the fridge this afternoon to get out some raspberries for DD#5’s snack and discovered two things – 1. The raspberries had all mysteriously disappeared and 2. The culprit was DD#4. How to I know? She has a habit of leaving behind any toy she happened to be holding when she got into the fridge to pilfer whatever her current favourite food item might be. Loopsy is currently sitting right where the raspberries where… *sigh*

Day 186: Kid of the Day

As summer progresses, I am already scrapping the barrel at how much I can take from my children sometimes. The whining makes my ears bleed. True fact – well, maybe not. As I was wandering around Pinterest I caught a post on Kid Of The Day. I read the post. I decided to give this a try! Basically, it’s supposed to help cut out the whining, whinging and general carryings on. Kid of the day gets to sit in the front seat – well, the people who are legally old enough are allowed to I should say. But in all other things – KOTD gets to help with dinner prep, not change diapers, choose snack, choose the TV show to watch, play with a coveted toy first. So on and so forth.  They love it already!


Day 163: Getting Ready….

I LOVE this! I am getting these framed and along with painted salt dough hand prints, this is what my Hubby is getting for Father’s Day this coming weekend. I think I’ll help DD#1 make him some canolli tarts and maybe lasagne. Anyways, I am loving how these pictures turned out! Tomorrow… hand print painting and father’s day card making. Woot!

Day 75: There is gold at the end of the rainbow…



Happy St Patrick’s Day! To celebrate the day, and also the beginning of the most awesome spring beak ever, we had rainbow pancakes!

I made the girls purple, blue, green yellow and orange pancakes! I got the idea off pinterest of course!! Credit for it goes to: Rainbow Pancakes and I even used the pancake recipe she mentions… they would be awesomely fluffy if I hadn’t knocked some of the air out mixing the colours in!