Day 178: After the rains, come the ‘shrooms…

According to DD#4 these are fairy houses! And she is completely thrilled that we have fairies living in our front yard now. LOL. Personally I think it is amazing that they come and go so quickly! The cool thing about DD#4, is that when she listens, she listens well. She was stoked about the mushrooms themselves, but spent the next 20 minutes telling me “No eat Mama. Make you sick!” Over… and over… and over. Did I mention over and over and over? Threenagers = chronic palilalia! I am grateful she listened to us however 😉


Day 159: First baking experience

Today I let DD#1 have her first solo baking experience. She chose to make Nutella cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream as her first item. The cupcakes turned out really well, and I was super impressed with her frosting skills!

Day 152: Spinning pretty…

I’ve been so busy the last couple of days… sewing up a storm, trying to set things up for the little sewing business I am setting up. DD#3 loves this dress, and I love how it spins around with her. She’s lived in it ever since I finished it!! I made it a little larger than I usually would… It will fit this Summer and most likely next year too!

Day 151: Graduation time… again!

DD#3 graduated from the state run voluntary pre-k program today. The ceremony itself was diabolical… that’s the only way to explain it. But, she was so sweet and she is so excited to be starting Kindergarten in the fall. According to the piece of paper she wrote, she wants to be a doctor, live in a house in Florida, get married and have 6 children. Quite ambitious there my lovely!! 🙂