Day 205: Homemade laundry detergent

For the last little while, I have been trying different laundry detergents, mostly because it turns out the DD#5 is allergic to some ingredient in it, it breaks  they break her out in a rash. I’ve tried soapnuts with great success, but they are a little spendy in large amount, and with the amount of laundry I do on a weekly basis, it makes more sense to make my own. So… break out pinterest! I tried a couple of liquid homemade ones, but I couldn’t get it right. Then I saw this one… concentrated laundry detergent, it’s a lot like whipped buttercream. It works fantastically too! I am super impressed. I made about 9 months of detergent in the end, for about $16! Awesome!



Day 203: Family Binder

I have been working on this binder for the past week. Scouring the internet for useful printables and making my own when I couldn’t find what I needed. So far it’s been fantastic and so very useful! I’ll be posting more about it on my pinterest blog this weekend!

Day 148: Pillowcase dress

I finally completed work on this dress today… It was deceptively simple 😛  The ruffle gave me some issues… I think I had to re-do it it at least four times!! I finally got the tension right and the gathers to my liking… sometimes it sucks to be a perfectionist!!

Day 119: Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

I started working on my ideas for DD#5’s 1st birthday in a couple of weeks… I am making a tie dye onesie, with an owl and a rainbow tutu. You can check out my pinterest journal detailing the entire craft here! Diary of a Pinterest Addict: Sharpie Pen Tie Dyed T-shirts