Day 202: Strange place to sleep…

My children all have the caving instinct. They are happiest making a tent or fort under the kitchen table to play. This brought it to a new level with DD#3 falling asleep under/on the coffee table. That really couldn’t have been too comfy! Comfortable  enough though apparently!


Day 182: You can not see me… I’m a leaf!

I was outside today and I noticed this little guy trying to hide in the leaves. I wouldn’t have noticed him at all if he hadn’t moved just the tiniest bit. Bugs are so awesome… when they are not on me, and are not any kind of spider.

Day 158: Sleeping tight…

DD#4 disappeared the today, and after searching all over the house, I had to look in the unlikely places… I found her finally in her big sisters room, sound asleep. My pretty little angel!


Day 109: Peek-a-boo!!