Day 182: You can not see me… I’m a leaf!

I was outside today and I noticed this little guy trying to hide in the leaves. I wouldn’t have noticed him at all if he hadn’t moved just the tiniest bit. Bugs are so awesome… when they are not on me, and are not any kind of spider.


Day 179: We have babies!


A couple of weeks ago, shortly after DD#5’s birthday, I noticed that our little bird neighbours had returned. We left out some strings and fluff for them and were so thrilled when they used it to make their new nest! Well, today I decided to check up on them and discovered that we had babies! They are so sweet. I snapped this pic real quick because their parents were having a HUGE hissy fit that I was near their nest. So sweet 😀

Day 178: After the rains, come the ‘shrooms…

According to DD#4 these are fairy houses! And she is completely thrilled that we have fairies living in our front yard now. LOL. Personally I think it is amazing that they come and go so quickly! The cool thing about DD#4, is that when she listens, she listens well. She was stoked about the mushrooms themselves, but spent the next 20 minutes telling me “No eat Mama. Make you sick!” Over… and over… and over. Did I mention over and over and over? Threenagers = chronic palilalia! I am grateful she listened to us however 😉