Day 203: Family Binder

I have been working on this binder for the past week. Scouring the internet for useful printables and making my own when I couldn’t find what I needed. So far it’s been fantastic and so very useful! I’ll be posting more about it on my pinterest blog this weekend!


Day 200: Schedule baby!

In an effort to make our lives easier, we are working on making a schedule – so far it’s been semi successful…. insofar that we have breakfast at 7am. But hey, we are working on it. On August 1st we are going to start working the school year schedule so everyone is used to it before school goes back on August 20th. Next to the schedule we have our chore charts. Each lists what chore each child has to do, and they get one ticket per chore. Each ticket is worth .25c that they can use to save towards a trip to the dollar store. There is also a reward card in the baggie – each chore the child does without complaining, they get one hole punched. Once they fill the nine square with holes, they’ve earned their happy meal for the next week.

Day 3: Get organised… So I don’t go insane.


Here is something very few people know: I love lists. Lists make me happy. Here is something a lot of people know: I am one of the least organised people you are likely to meet, and since I am supposed to be responsible and organise myself AND 5 small people and keep my house clean some how, I need to get a daily list and stick to it. I found this awesome list on thanks to a recommendation from a friend on facebook. It’s just too bad they aren’t going to be doing an app for android phones any time soon. But I digress. One of my New Years resolutions is to be more organised with my house work and to get on a schedule. So here is my attempt!

As a side note… I can now go and check off update 365 😉